Why Hire An Arborist

Choosing to hire a contractor to work on your trees is a big decision. Weather you are removing a problem tree, pruning a tree or are concerned about the risk your trees pose an ISA Certified Arborist can help you confidently navigate your decision. An Arborist is a highly trained professional who understands how trees grow and how to best manage them. An ISA Certified Arborist signs a code of ethics when he/she becomes certified. This is an agreement between the arborist and the International Society of Arborists worldwide. This agreement is important because it ensures accountability of each ISA Certified Arborist to properly care for trees. This is important to a client/customer because it insures your trees are properly taken care of. 

Combination of three images of Sitkum Tree Services Crew and what we do.

We are called to help people with their trees on the Olympic Peninsula. Sometimes the issues are obvious – the tree is on the house and needs to be removed. However, sometimes the issues are unclear. Clients will typically say, “I am worried about this tree and think it should be removed.” It is an Arborist’s job to assess the tree and report those observations to the client. Discuss the health of the tree, it’s virtue to the site as well as it’s risk. Communicating this to the client does an important thing – it gives the client information about their tree so they can be confident they are making the best decision on what to do next. If the tree needs to be removed, often it is expensive and has a dramatic effect on their yard and the value of their home/property. This should be carefully navigated and well thought out, to make sure it actually needs to come down and be confident the crew that performs the work knows how to safely and efficiently do it. 

Consider a financial planner, he/she is a well trained professional, certified by a third party to give you correct advise about management of your finances. Your money is precious and finite, as such you want to put it in the hands of someone who you trust will help keep it safe and make it grow. A Certified Financial Planner has a similar code of ethics they follow – to advise you about your finances and not take advantage of their position. 

Working with an ISA Certified Arborist is similar – often people do not know how best to care for their trees which is why they call us. Our job is to give them information – correct information – on what is going on with their trees and what to do about it. This information comes from continued education in the form of classes, field work and training on cutting edge information about tree care. 

Disassembling a tree next to a building, managing a large parcel of multiple trees or pruning a heritage tree that is many hundreds of years old is high stakes work. This work takes comprehensive knowledge in the field, specialized well-maintained equipment and highly trained personnel to safely accomplish the task at hand. The decision to perform work on your trees is important and is permanent. Improper work can put your trees at further risk and waste precious finances. The confidence gained by hiring an ISA Certified Arborist to evaluate and perform the work on your trees is invaluable. Call us 
today to ensure you do the right thing with your trees and know your money is well spent. 

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