Ponderosa Pine Removals

This removal consisted of four trees, two sets of power lines and houses within feet. This two day removal involved tedious rigging and methodical care to bring everything to the ground safely.

Check out the pictures and captions for an in-depth summary of the ponderosa pine removal process.

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Shown here are the four Ponderosa Pine trees that were removed due to close proximity to the neighbors house. These trees were 60'+ and had generous mass due to unlimited sun exposure. They likely were planted initially as a privacy barrier between the houses - over 25" at the base and less than 50 years old.
Due to the close proximity to the house and power-lines all limbs had to be carefully lowered and swung onto the Homeowners property.
Reviewing the work with the homeowner. She was elated!
The homeowner requested we leave the wood for her extended family to pick up. Stumps were left cut to grade and site was left tidy.
This picture was taken from the crown of an old-growth Douglas-fir overlooking the Strait of Juan De Fuca.
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